We are Hunton

Hunton aims to create calue by producing wood fiber-based products and solutions with the smallest possible carbon footprint. We are one of the leading manufacturers of building materials in the Nordic region, and our products can easily be assembled into walls, floors and ceilings, making it easy to build forward-thinking and solid.

Wood chips are Hunton’s most important raw material. The chips we use come from spruce trees that have grown large and robust over many years in the forests of Innlandet in Norway. The timber logs are processed by sawmills that maximize their utilization. The majority of the log becomes timber, and the rest becomes chips, sawdust, and shavings. At our factory in Gjøvik, the chips are defibrated into wood fiber. From wood fiber, we manufacture building materials such as vapor barriers, roof underlayment, and wood fiber insulation. This way, our products are made from a locally sourced and renewable raw material.

All the chips we use are 100% PEFC™ certified, meaning the forests are sustainably managed, operated under strict rules, and have replanting programs. This way, nature’s cycle is continued.

Our history begins with the production of wood pulp-based cardboard in 1889. Ever since then, we have been developing and producing porous wood fiber boards at our factory in Gjøvik – as windproofing, roof underlayment, and attic insulation. With a desire to offer locally sourced wood fiber insulation to the Nordic market, we opened a new factory at Skjerven in 2019, which will eventually create 40-60 new local jobs.

Building with wood is about combining proud traditions with forward-thinking construction. That’s why we believe all good things are made of wood.


Our values:
Credible, forward-thinking, team player.

In Norway, we have used wood as a building material for hundreds of years. This experience has given Hunton a solid foundation, and from the very beginning when Hunton was founded in 1889, the goal was clear: to produce the market’s best building solutions. Since then, we have had fantastic development, both in Norway, in the Nordic region, and through exports to many other countries.

We are proud of our history, but we look no further back than to focus on the future. In order to develop solid and forward-thinking building solutions, we recruit experts from all over the world. Because we believe that knowledge – and forests – are the new oil.

We share our knowledge with authorities and other research environments in forums where tomorrow’s building material industry is shaped, and we have invited builders and architects to learn more about our products and solutions.

Nobody knows what the future will hold. But what we are sure of is that the quality of our unique solutions will be even more sought after and appreciated.