To be Credible, Present and Future-oriented.

We have been using wood as a building material for centuries in Norway. This experience has given Hunton a solid foundation, and even as early as 1889 when Hunton was founded, the objective was clear: We must produce the best building solutions on the market.

Throughout the company’s almost 130-year history, we have been subjected to repeated fires and failing economies. Time and again we have risen up and moved forward with the lessons we’ve learned. Adversity has played a part in contributing to restructuring and innovation, and not least, we have seen the importance of being aware of customer needs. This means that we listen and deliver products that make the customer even better.

We are proud of our history, but we do not look back more than we can focus on the future. In order to develop sustainable and durable building solutions, we recruit experts worldwide. We know that knowledge, and forests, are the new oil.

We share our knowledge with the government and other research institutions in forums, in which tomorrow’s building industry is developing. In 2014, we established the Hunton Academy where we share our products and our knowledge with builders.

Nobody knows what the future holds. But what we are sure of is that the quality of our unique solutions will be even more sought after and appreciated – at the very least because wood as a natural raw material is very sustainable.

Business concept: “We will produce and sell environmentally friendly and energy efficient building solutions based on wood and wood fibre”.

Our main products will be based on wood and wood fibre from sustainable forests, regardless of whether they are merchandise or products of our own production or contract production.