Hunton buys Dansk Træfiberisolering (Danish Wood fibre insulation)

Published: September 1, 2016    

Gjovik (Norway), September 1, 2016: Hunton Fiber AS has entered into an agreement to acquire Dansk Træfiberisolering (DTI). The acquisition is part of Hunton’s growth strategy. That said, the company already owns 80% of Norsk Trefiberisolering (Norwegian Wood fibre insulation). “The acquisition gives us an even stronger foothold in the Danish insulation market”, says a pleased Arne Jebsen, CEO of Hunton.

In June, Hunton’s Board of Directors decided to build a factory for the production of wood fibre in Gjovik (Norway) as part of its strategy for growth in the Nordic market. DTI is an established supplier of wood fibre in a Danish market with exceptional growth. “This acquisition will give us a good basis for further growth in Denmark”, says Arne Jebsen.

DTI was founded in Bryrup in Jutland (Denmark) in 1998 and offers natural wood fibre products in all types of buildings and homes in Denmark, as well as consulting services in the use of wood fibre building materials. DTI has a turnover of about 5 million DKK, and has 3 employees. “I am very excited about this opportunity. With Hunton’s expertise, extensive experience and strong position among builders and architects we now have even better opportunities for further growth”, says Bjorn Henriksen, CEO of DTI.

Hunton is the leading manufacturer of wood fibre building materials. “Our focus is constantly developing products and solutions for the future of construction, working in harmony with nature with minimal carbon footprint. This acquisition is a natural step towards becoming a leader in sustainable and durable building solutions”, says Jebsen.