A new, solid company

Published: February 14, 2017    

Nordisk Massivtre AS will ensure that more buildings and homes are based on locally produced raw materials. The goal is to change people’s attitudes across the Nordic construction industry.

Wood has almost always constituted the core of the Nordic architectural style and this also forms the basis with the new company, Nordisk Massivtre AS. The aim is that attitudes can be changed throughout the entire construction industry with local, solid elements of the solid wood types being among those preferred for floors, walls and ceilings.

DSC_5813– The trend is that people want greener and more socially acceptable options. There’s not much that is better suited for providing a good indoor climate than raw materials from nature. Our solutions are more cost effective, they are socially beneficial choices, they are environmentally appropriate and smart, both for those who’ll build and for those who’ll use the buildings, says Chairman of the new company, Lars Atterfors.

The new company wants to be the spearhead which ensures that solid wood becomes the standard in the construction industry. Solid wood is on the rise throughout the region, and it is predicted that the market will exceed NOK 500 million in Norway by 2020. The materials used these days are generally imported, while Nordisk Massivtre will manufacture their solutions using ingredients from our own local environment.

– We will reinforce the emphasis on wood in the region. Using solid wood is smarter, provides a better indoor climate, a more favourable overall economy and is the best for the environment, says Atterfors, pointing out the obvious fact that his raw materials are renewable and can easily be recycled.

28The company has been founded by several players with long experience in doing business in harmony with nature. The largest owner is Hunton, which has supplied wood-based building materials for 130 years. Also on the team is the forestry and timber Group, Stangeskovene, and Massiv Holding AS.

Key people who previously worked for Massiv Lust AS, in Luster (Norway), form an integral part of the efforts. Nordisk Massivtre starts out with 10 employees at their home turf in Kongsvinger, which offers long-established and logistics-smart surroundings to the forestry industry. It is expected that production will start this spring.

– The growth will initially come from Norway and Sweden. We will quickly come up with an effective production of high quality solutions which provides the market with better and smarter choices, says Atterfors. He encourages authorities, decision makers, property developers and other key stakeholders to ensure that the Norwegian wood is preferred to a far greater degree.

– Our operations have positive spill-over effects for many: For society and the environment, for the construction industry, for forestry industry, for our communities and for all those looking for healthier homes and workplaces. We need all the stimulus we can get and we’re banking on good backing from those who believe in timber’s central role in society, says Atterfors.

Solid wood is a modernisation of the rod and cog technique, where wood is joined together to make solid building elements for use in load-bearing structures. Solid wood elements are particularly well suited for cabins and houses, commercial buildings, schools and when building galleries and balconies.

Production takes place indoors and is delivered to the construction site as finished elements. This provides for faster and shorter construction times and greater peace of mind for moisture-free buildings and a better working environment at the construction site.

According to the Institute of Wood Technology, there are many advantages to using solid wood in construction projects:

  • Great flexibility in design, layout and construction
  • Short build time and cost benefits
  • It is easy to combine with other materials
  • Lightweight and easy mounting
  • Better working environment
  • Good environmental properties
  • Good raw material utilisation

For further information please contact:

Chairman, Lars Atterfors: +46 72 718 7740 or Marketing Manager, Carsten Hovind, on +47 996 99 196.

Hunton Fiber AS
Hunton Fiber AS is one of the leading manufacturers of woodfibre products for the building/construction industry.  The company’s environmentally friendly solutions make it easy for customers to meet technical construction requirements and they’re good for the climate. Hunton was founded in 1889. The primary market is the Nordic Region.

Hunton currently has 140 employees in 4 countries, with production at Gjøvik and in Olsfors in Sweden, as well as sales offices in Singapore, Malmo and Turku.

See also www.hunton.no.

Stangeskovene is a regional player in the value chain of wood, through the management and operation of their own forest plantations, timber sales, saw milling/planing operations and trading of building materials.

Stangeskovene AS was founded in 1899 and today is a corporation with 200 employees and NOK 850 million in turnover. Their properties and facilities are centrally located in Østlandet, and includes 226,000 acres of forest, 2 sawmills and 3 planing mills, as well as 8 building material stores in Akershus, Østfold and the southern part of Hedmark.  Their customers within timber and building materials comprise wholesale and industrial customers, builders and consumers. Through the fabrication of local, high-quality wood, with short transportation distances, an environmentally- and climate-friendly value creation is being achieved, based on renewable resources.

See also www.stangeskovene.no

Massive Holding
Massive Holding constitutes the key people behind the company Massive Lust AS, who, since 2013 have driven the design, manufacture and assembly solid wood projects. Within their portfolio one can find cabins, houses, agricultural buildings, commercial properties, offices, educational and healthcare buildings. Their experience is unique in Norway and will provide this market entrant a foot in the market. Massive Lust AS will be seeing a controlled liquidation.