Climate & Environment

Energy consumption and environmental pollution is an all-encompassing theme.

Earth is flooded with pollutants and energy consumption continues rising more and more, which in most cases will further increase environmental pollution. The building sector accounts for 40% of the world’s total energy consumption, and in addition, tens of thousands of artificial substances and chemicals in the process of taking over traditional building materials.

These artificial ingredients can emit toxic gases and dust into indoor air. The industry manufacturing these substances pollutes the environment and consumes a lot of energy. The final products also often constitute a future waste problem. It seems that the durability of art materials are often inferior to sensible natural materials. But not all natural materials are harmless.

Many of the most common building materials used today are harmful or have unknown effects on the environment and climate. Asthma and allergies are a growing problem in society, and in which Norway has one of the world’s highest number of occurrences.

Anyone can risk being affected, but you can minimise this risk and choose your environment to the best extent possible.